Brazzers - The Surrogate with Kay Carter

Brazzers - The Surrogate with Kay Carter
07:51 Sep 11

Billionaire Robby Echo is a busy man, unfortunately not leaving a lot of quality time for his beautiful, young wife Kay. Being a resourceful man – Robby hires odd-jobber Scott to be his stand-in, his real-world digital ‘surrogate’ while he is away on business. Robby equips Scott with a tablet mask – blanking out Scott’s own face & projecting Robby’s face through the tablet device. Robby presents The Surrogate to his wife Kay and then heads off to the airport for another business trip. On his way there, he tries out the new device - only to have to watch his wife getting her eager ass pounded by The Surrogate he hired!

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Pornstars: Kay Carter , Kay C

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